About Power Square Gym

Get to know us

We believe the quality of our health determines the quality of our lives—and nothing is more important than that. We believe fitness is about strengthening and conditioning your body and mind so you can get out there, explore the world, seek new adventures, and be the person you were meant to be.

Why Power Square?

We help people live the strongest lives they can imagine by providing community-centric health and fitness-focused on the individual experience. We give people the tools they need to positively change their lives, live BIG, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. 

  • Our coaches are all highly trained and certified professionals with a life-long dedication to wellness, health, fitness, and livin’ BIG. Experienced at managing groups, as well as working with individuals in a one-on-one setting, we will teach, motivate, and inspire you to get (and stay) in shape.

  • Our community motivates and inspires. We truly believe in the power of the group; in being part of a like-minded community that supports us, shares our experiences, and celebrates our successes.

  • Results. Since we first opened our doors in 2018, we’ve helped thousands look better, feel better, and perform better than they ever have. Whether you’re looking to just be fit for life or reignite your competitive fire, we are experienced at providing solutions to meet you where you are with your health and fitness and get you the results you deserve.

Not in Riyadh, but still want to train with us?

We offer a number of online and remote coaching options. Whether you’re looking to work 1-to-1 with one of our coaches to achieve results, or just follow one of our specialty training tracks to experience something new and be a part of our crew, we’ve got you covered.